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Items to consider when thinking of what type of roofing material to choose:

Flat Roof Materials – overview of different technologies, used in low slope roofing.
Cost of Materials – price variations between single­-ply/TPO, built­-up and rolled roofs.
Installation – different ways to install various types of materials. 
Cost of Installation Longevity – estimated and actual length of in service use for different types of flat roofing. 
Durability – practical overview of of puncture strength, foot traffic, UV exposure, and withstanding elements by different flat roof technologies. 
Maintenance and repair – in depth look at easy (or difficulty) of fixing / repairing under different weather conditions. 
Unique Applications/Benefits Energy Efficiency – comparison solar reflectivity between black roofs (Rubber/EPDM, Built-­up and rolled roofing) and white single ply roofs (PVC / TPO / White EPDM) 
Environmental Impact – will  certain type of material be recycled at the end of it’s life, or go straight to landfill?