4 Seasons Roofing

General Business Liability Insurance 
Limits of Liability Per Occurrence $1,000,000 
Completed Operations $2,000,000 
Aggregate Coverage $2,000,000 

 Workman’s Compensation Insurance 
State Fund Insurance Limits of Liability Per Occurrence $1,000,000 
Aggregate Coverage $1,000,000 

Commercial Auto 
Liability Combined Single Limit $1,000,000 

4 Seasons Roofing Additional Endorsements: 
 10-20 Years Guarantee on Re-Roofing Coverage
2-3 Years on Repairs
Hot Asphalt Roofing Systems Coverage
Open Flame Roofing Systems Coverage 
New and Re-Roofing Coverage

Veteran Owned Business

 Jose Alvarez, Jr./Owner