Veteran Owned Business

 Jose Alvarez, Jr./Owner

4 Seasons Roofing

At 4 Seasons Roofing our safety goals are simple.

 We want every member of our team to go home and enjoy their families at the end of each day.  To that end, we take every measure possible to insure that we achieve this goal.

From the time an applicant is hired and approved for employment they begin the process of safety education and awareness.  Our hiring procedure includes an initial safety training orientation and the process continues throughout their entire time employed with us.

Our Foremen and Superintendents are trained in safety standards and conduct on-site “Tailgate Safety Meetings” on a weekly basis.
Every project has a job specific Illness and Prevention Plan as well as a tailored Fall Protection Plan designed specific to the parameters of the jobsite and structure.
Our equipment operators all have the required training and certifications in order to meet OSHA requirements and insure a safe jobsite.
We mandate adherence to safety attire and all employees are required to wear hard hats, long pants, gloves and safety glasses.

We schedule regular workman safety audits conducted both at our 
offices and on projects sites.