4 Seasons Roofing‚Äč


There are several types of roofing tiles.
Most of them come in a variety of stiles and colors to pick from.
Roof tiles, whether concrete or clay are very resistant to fire.

Roof tiles are available in three basic profiles.  Mission S-tiles (or Spanish S), Villa tiles (low-profile tiles with a double S-shape), and Flat tiles, which are often designed to look like wood shakes or slates.

Clay and Concrete tiles come in regular weight and light weight.
Spanish two piece tile, Spanish one pieces S Tile.
Concrete flat tiles. Cedarlite and Madera Shake, 
Espana 600, Villa 600, Saxony 600 and 700 Shake and Slate.

These are just a few types of roofing styles available. Tile Roofs are the most beautiful and the most expensive type of roofing material available.  These type of roofs look great and also help keep your roof cooler.

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