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Improperly maintained roofing systems are a leading cause of premature roof failure. 
Not only can this lead to downtime and inventory damage, but lack of an appropriate roof maintenance program can lead to thousands of dollars in completely unnecessary expenses.

Don't neglect your roof which protects all of your other assets you own.
 Your roof is an expensive part of your house or business which is often abused, damaged, and neglected.  The weather bakes it, freezes it and drowns it.  Maintenance personnel walk on it
 and throw things on it. Occupants often drill holes in it  and place bolts or screws through it.  Minor problems which could have been easily repaired become major problems, which can create
 the need for a complete roof replacement.  Many roof replacements could have been avoided or delayed for years with a Roof Maintenance Program.

A roof should be inspected at least twice a year to keep the roof alive as long as possible and to maintain the warranty. But many don't know what to look for, so they either hire someone else to do it or it just doesn't get done. Remember 4 Seasons Roofing if you are thinking on hiring someone to do maintenance on your roof.

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